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The Service we offer is a chauffeur driven service. The minibus Hire and coach hire service was started in 2004 but we have been in private hire business for over 15 years. Being based locally for such a long time we are aware of customers’ needs and requirements. And we have high customer satisfaction rate. Being based in the East Midlands, Nottingham Minibuses & Coaches ltd. is situated within Easy Access of Nottingham East Midlands, Birmingham, Manchester, Stansted, Luton, Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. We also travel to all parts of the UK.




  • PAYMENT RESPONSIBILITY - The Hirer accepts responsibility to make sure all payments have been made for the full outstanding balance 14 days prior to the booking, any bookings which are not settled in full by the due date will be deemed as not required and cancelled The only exception to this is if you have written confirmation of account facilities (all account to be settled within 30 days otherwise interest & Admin charged will be incurred).
  • VEHICLE DAMAGES - The Hirer is fully responsible for any damage or mess other than the standard litter, created or left on the vehicle. If any member of the hirer's group is ill, i.e. vomiting on the vehicle a surcharge of £150 per incident will be made. Payment for any damages will be made by yourselves in full within 7 days of invoice, unless you made payment by credit card in which case we reserve the right to debit your card.
  • ALTERATIONS & CHANGES - Nottingham Minibuses & Coaches ltd. reserve the right to alter the cost listed overleaf without prior notification where there is an alteration by the hirer. The amended price will be given on request.
  • SERVICES RIGHTS - Nottingham Minibuses & Coaches ltd. reserve the unconditional right to refuse a booking or terminate a passenger’s journey in the event of unreasonable conduct.
  • LUGGAGE & lOADING LIMITS - The hirer must not load the vehicle(s) beyond the number of passengers, which it is legally permitted to carry.
  • ALCOHOL POLICY - No alcohol is to be carried or consumed on the vehicle at any time. One exception to this would be on a shopping trip but any alcohol will be required to be stored in under body lockers.
  • DROP OFF POLICY - On return journeys from Private Hire bookings we do allow additional drops, these should always be agreed in advance so that we may inform the driver what has been requested, drivers will not carry out additional drops that have not been pre-arranged. Any extra-agreed drops will be shown on your confirmation.
  • UNCONTROLLABLE CIRCUMSTANCES - The company is unable to accept responsibility for missed connections if the delay is due to adverse road conditions, mechanical failure, acts of terrorism, flood, fire or traffic delays. We are always happy to suggest routes and times to customers but the times of the booking are your decision and adequate time should be allowed to cover these eventualities.
  • PARKING FEES & CHARGES - The hirer is responsible for all parking charges whilst the vehicle is in their care. Parking is to be paid to driver before leaving the vehicle(s) unless previously agreed.
  • LOST PROPERTY - Lost property will be stored at our depot for a period of 2 months only and can be claimed between the hours 08.00hrs - 17.00hrs Mon - Fri. We undertake to look after any lost property whilst in our care we cannot however return lost property, we will however do our best to aid collection.
  • LOST & LEFT PROPERTY - Nottingham Minibuses & Coaches ltd. do not take any responsibility for luggage or property left on or carried on one of our vehicle(s). Property bought onto the vehicle(s) is entirely at the owner’s risk.
  • BREAKDOWN POLICY - IIn the event of a breakdown, we have the unconditional right to hire coaches, which may be a different standard from other companies to complete the journey.
  • VEHICLE SUBSTITUTION POLICY - Nottingham Minibuses & Coaches ltd. reserve the unconditional right to substitute any booked vehicle(s) with alternative vehicle(s) if necessary.
  • NO SMOKING POLICY - All our vehicles are non smoking please do not embarrass our driver by asking to smoke.
  • BOOKING AND HIRING POLICY - Unless you tell us otherwise in writing you are deemed as having accepted these terms and conditions of hire in full, it is the responsibility of the hirer to make their group aware of the conditions.
  • BOOKING CONFIRMATION POLICY - All bookings must be re-confirmed 7 days prior to travel, if not the booking will be cancelled.
  • CANCELLATION CHARGES POLICY - Cancellation cost will be charged as follows:
  • PRIOR TO :-
  • 42 Days before Departure                                                             10% of Cost
  • 28-42 Days before Departure                                                      30% of Cost
  • 14-27 Days before Departure                                                       45% of Cost
  • 7-13 Days before Departure                                                          60% of Cost
  • 1-6 Days before Departure                                                           100% of Cost

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